Tasting Week 2: Tasting Notes

Isn’t it impressive (or annoying) when someone buys a wine because 2015 was a great vintage of Bordeaux ? Likely, that person knows that 2015 was a good vintage, and even what Bordeaux is, because they’ve been taking notes on wine for years and following the industry. However, for even the more basic questions – like do you personally like Chardonnay vs Sauvignon Blanc – you may need to start taking some notes on the wine you drink.

There are numerous apps out there to help you capture the wine you drink and store your thoughts. I used Vivino for years and loved the ease of being able to remind myself of what I liked and didn’t like as well as just remember what wine I had had before. Vivino allows you to rate the wine and write some brief notes. I would suggest you rate using your own preferences vs how good you think the wine will be perceived.

Tasting notes are about what’s most helpful to you. When doing an organized tasting, where your intention is to evaluate the wine instead of drink it, there are many things to look at and note. For my general “everyday” notes though, I only track what’s unique to the wine. For example, in my post on evaluating “Taste” I gave the following tasting notes:

  • Sweet: 0
  • Sour: 4
  • Bitter: 2
  • Salty: 0
  • Astringency: 5
  • Alcohol: 3
  • Viscosity: 3
  • Length: 5 – due to astringency
  • Intensity/Body: 4 – due to astringency
  • Texture: Short description of if the wine is smooth or course. More astringent wines tend to feel rough.
  • Effervescence: 0
  • Smell: –

In my general notes, I would likely just call out – Very sour, high astringency, and looong finish

For a second example, here is an evaluation from my “Look” post:

  • Effervescence: 0, there are no bubbles in this wine.
  • Clarity: 5, this is very clear.
  • Hue: Bright yellow with some golden tones and slight green tint.
  • Intensity: 2, very light but not nothing for a white wine
  • Rim: Clear, though not overly distinguished from the rest of the wine.
  • Viscosity: 1, no this doesn’t have any legs.

This could be translated to: Yellow with some golden tones and slight green tint.

Here are some of my recent tasting notes on @couch2rose:

🍷Château Maris, Natural Selection Biodynamic Syrah – Grenache⠀
🍇 Syrah and Grenache ⠀⠀
🎨 Very dark with fuchsia around the edges⠀
👃 Smoky 💨, cherries 🍒, leather, damp earth, pepper spices⠀
👄 Medium juicy body with an astringent and bitter finish⠀

🍷Rhous Winery, Skipper 2015⠀
🍇 70% Vidiano, 30% Plyto ⠀
🎨 A deep but not too dark yellow⠀
👃 Bright aroma with pear 🍐 and possible lees contact⠀
👄Full body, breaded taste with lemon 🍋

The emojis are clearly a necessary part of tasting notes!

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